Important information about the Video Relay Service (VRS) Toll-Free phone numbers (866, 800 etc)

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has announced that there will no longer be free 1-800 numbers for VRS providers, beginning November 21, 2012. For detailed information about the Federal Communication Commission, please visit

Please  contact us at:
Stephanie Lyons 515-598-7326 VP ¬†        

For Deaf or Hard of Hearing who use their videophone, contact us as point-to-point, there will be no long distance fee. This change does not affect the Deaf Service’s standard toll-free number 1-888-221-3724.

Iowa Department of Human Rights

Welcome to Deaf Services

The Office of Deaf Services formerly the Division of Deaf Services Commission of Iowa is a proud partner in the strategic reorganization of the Iowa Department of Human Rights (DHR). Reorganized in spring 2010, DHR's new mission is to ensure basic rights, freedoms, and opportunities for all by empowering underrepresented Iowans and eliminating economic, social, and cultural barriers.

In order to more effectively and efficiently serve our customers, the Office of Deaf Services has combined its administrative functions with the other population-specific Offices within our newly created Division of Community Advocacy Services (CAS) at DHR.

Iowans should expect to receive the same or a better level of culturally responsive services from the Office under our new structure. For more information about Office of Deaf Services or about reorganization, please contact us.

ENERGY Assistance Program

This video is about the "Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program". Watch it